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I have loved dogs my whole life.  Dogs bring joy and unconditional love into our lives everyday.  I started out as a groomer and had owned a wonderful Golden Retriever, Wendy, who was a smart and wonderful girl.  I had a dream of showing and breeding dogs some day.  My dream has come true.  I decided to downsize to a smaller breed to allow my showing and breeding dream to be a little easier and began researching different breeds until I came upon the lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I have always admired their beauty and sweet nature.  They truely live up to their reputation as a "Comfort Spaniel" as they love nothing more than to sit in your lap and ravish you with attention.  Be prepared for lots of dog kisses.  

All breeding stock are tested by certified veterinary specialists for hereditary eye, heart, knee and hip problems.  I breed for health, sweet temperment and beauty.  Pets will be sold on a limited registration only.  Visit the puppy photo album for new arrivals.